• Are all ANCO cheeses made with pasteurized milk?

    Yes, all products in the ANCO line are made using pasteurized milk.

  • I am lactose intolerant; do you have any products for me?

    Yes, all ANCO brand gouda and Swiss cheeses are lactose-free. The packaging bears a “Lactose Free” badge.

  • Can your products be purchased online?

    We do not currently offer the option of purchasing our products online. However, ANCO cheeses are sold in most major grocery chains.

  • What is the best way to store an ANCO cheese?

    The ideal wrapper is always the original packaging, as it has been designed to optimally preserve the cheese. However, as soon as the package is opened and the cheese has been exposed to ambient air, there is an increased risk of mould forming. To reduce the risk of mould and of dryness, wrap the cheese in wax paper and refrigerate it in an airtight container.

  • Do ANCO products contain gluten?

    All ANCO cheeses are gluten-free.

  • How long can ANCO cheese be kept?

    All of our products bear a “best before” code (year-month-day). Beyond that date, we cannot guarantee the product’s freshness.

  • Can ANCO cheeses be frozen?

    Yes, our cheeses can be frozen. A cheese that is low in humidity will better maintain its texture when frozen. However, in any case, there is no change at all in the taste of the cheese. Frozen cheese also maintains all of its nutritional qualities.